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With DinDin, you'll be able to view all of your orders in one tablet, and even send them to our wireless printer. Forget about the mess of multiple tablets, printers, emails or faxes.

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Stop paying for high commison rates, get orders to your restaurant commission free, and get back your customers. Start saving today!

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Say goodbye to tablet chaos! With DinDin all of your delivery and pickup channels will be allocated in one place.

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Reduce missed orders, order issues, and cancellations.

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We’ll build your menu out for you. Need to update your menu prices? We'll do it for you, saving you time at every step.


We'll aggregate and send all of your online ordering channels to DinDin.

DinDin helps to replace all of your online ordering devices with one single tablet.

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  • Increase sales, save money, and delight customers.
  • Make your website and social media work harder for you with a simple easy to use online ordering system.

At DinDin we are always improving our platform to make sure that we deliver results. Increase sales with features like menu pictures and a mobile-optimized platform. We'll give you the results you need. Join hundreds of local restaurants and save time and money!


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